What Inspired ... We The Inspired (WTI)?

Kwe (Hello)!

We the Inspired (WTI) started with one small idea, to try and create a positive collective of inspirational Indigenous people, and challenge the current discourse. 

This idea grew from my own exhaustion of continually reading or hearing about the negative statistics associated with Indigenous People and their on-going suffering. I knew it was time to make a change!

WTI initially started as an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing inspiring Indigenous People and now includes an online store. 

WTI  is not only dedicated to featuring inspirational stories from all nations, but to further the discussion and asking questions like: What more can we do to make a positive impact? This is why We The Inspired has added an online store. With each purchase made, 10% goes to the WE MATTER CAMPAIGN. Not only can WTI make a difference, but you can too! 

I hope you enjoy your items, and thank you for being a part of something great! 

Wela'lin (Thank You) for visiting.


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