Meet The Founder

Nadia George



Kwe and Hello,

I'm Nadia George, Founder and Owner of WE THE INSPIRED (WTI).

Growing up as a mixed First Nations Youth, disconnected from my indigenous roots, left room for confusion and loneliness. My Father was a good man, who tried his best to teach me about the realities of the world, and our culture; however, it was difficult to gain a deep understanding, as he was incarcerated most of my childhood.

Unfortunately it was not until the late 1990's that he himself was allowed to engage in important Indigenous ceremonies and prayer within these Institutions. At this time I began to learn about the loss of our Identity and Culture, and It was this that led me on a personal journey of self discovery and reconnection.

Having various interactions with the child protection system and gaining more knowledge on Indigenous statistics, instilled a sense of duty to help those like me, navigate through difficult circumstances while still being able to remain proud about our identity and culture. I knew that one day I wanted to change the discourse of our Indigenous people and create a movement of empowerment and inspiration.

During my time in University, while studying Social Work, I had the opportunity to re-engage with theatre, acting and singing; Thus, beginning a career as a professional actor. Now with the exposure I have gained through social media, I have made the choice to use it for a higher purpose than myself and pay it forward.

Wela'lin and Thank You for hearing my story,
I hope that together we can continue to inspire, empower and advocate for all Indigenous People.