After months of sleepless nights, hair pulling and spending countless hours staring at a computer screen, I can finally say I did it. 

But let me go back in time to the beginning ... it was February 2017, I was sitting in a restaurant brainstorming ways I could make a difference in the lives of my Brothers and Sisters, from Nations all over North America. At the time I thought "Nadia, you have a full-time job, very little vacation time, and limited funds ... it's not like you are in a position to jump on a plane and fly all over the world being superwoman"

I pondered for the next two months, feeling defeated and alone; with just an idea to keep me company. Every day that passed, felt like another day that I was standing by and watching the suffering of our Indigenous People worsen. Even though I continued to read and share the articles, sign the petitions, and attempt to educate people around me on Indigenous Issues; it just wasn't enough. This feeling of "you need to do more" kept haunting me in the back of my mind and my heart felt heavy.

Then one day I came across an amazing organization ... The WE MATTER CAMPAIGN. I started researching the work they were doing within our Indigenous communites and a light bulb went off for me. If I couldn't currently be there with people to support them, I certainly could support the organization that is devoted to it, but how?

So many amazing people had created videos for the We Matter Campaign, each one sharing a personal story or a heartfelt message, to let our Indigenous youth know that they matter. "What a fantastic idea" I thought to myself, so I created a video and shared my own story and experiences as an mixed Indigenous youth (this video can be seen at the bottom of this page). It gave me inspiration to not give up, but instead to take a risk and start a movement, one that consisted of telling and sharing stories; but not just any stories, inspiring stories. With the hopes of changing the discourse about Indigenous People.

First it was Instagram, sharing photos of items created by other inspiring Indigenous people from all over North America, linking each post to their own instagram, with the hope that an additional audience would see these items. Then came the time to get to work, and create the WE THE INSPIRED store. 

I was off to the races ...  creating, designing, and finding ways to incorporate other amazing Indigenous people.

Now back to present day ...  WE THE INSPIRED will be donating 10% of every sale annually, to the WE MATTER CAMPAIGN, and each month will give recognition on our blog to an Indigenous Person, Organization or Company that is driving positive change in their own lives or the lives of others.



My We Matter Story


 Wela'lin and Thank you for being one more step towards positive change!


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  • I love this, I love everything that you are doing. I too think, there is more that I can do, but no idea how or where to start.
    I am also “mixed” but grew up as full status on the reserve and see and lived the traumas of the residentIal schools, not myself in the schools, but intergenerational. I have seen and experienced things no person should ever have to. I started following your Instagram almost a year ago, because your posts touched me and also made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I wish you nothing but success with everything that you and your group attempt.
    “Be strong enough to stand alone. Be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes.”
    I don’t know who wrote that, but I wrote it down years ago, and always wonder where I come into the picture in it.
    Thanks :)

    Dayle Olsen on

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