Launch Party Success

Launch Party Success
What a great evening, and with so much support; I can't help but feel proud of our community!
First I want to thank all the artists who contributed their work for the evening:
Secondly I want to thank Tiffany McIssac (owner of The Freedom Factory) and Stefanie Zuccarini for working hard behind the scenes to curate the Art Exhibit.
 The evening was full of laughs, good times and great people. People from various communities were able to enjoy the art showcased and see samples of We The Inspired Products. At 8pm I Introduced We The Inspired and the We Matter Campaign, and discussed what the movement of breaking indigenous stereo-types is all about. 
Shortly after the site went live and people were able to start making purchases with a purpose! I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the evening, by engaging in conversations with amazing people and discussing how non-indigenous people can become greater allies within our communities.
Most frequently asked question: "I'm not native, can i still wear the clothes?"
So over the course of the evening I spent most of my time educating those people on the difference between supporting Native Made versus Native Inspired. Which concluded in my response being "ABSOLUTELY ... WEAR AWAY!!"
My first purchase of the evening was by a lovely man named John, who after speaking with me for sometime, proved to be a wonderful and strong non-indigenous advocate for indigenous rights. John heard about the event through the Metro News Article and wanted to come support.
Pictured here (Nadia George) and First Customer John. G.
As the evening progressed, art was sold and people were enjoying some networking. I was so happy to see that this event was able to bring so many people from so many cultures, areas and backgrounds together for one united purpose.
I know not everyone who wanted to be there could make it, so I have included a little recap of the evening below for all to enjoy. And don't worry if you were unable to make a purchase that evening, our grand opening sale is on until Nov 18th. So please make a purchase with a purpose and join us, after all WE are more than just a brand ... WE are a community!
Wela'lin and Much Love,
Nadia G

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